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Where to Buy Biocorneum Online

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What is Biocorneum

Are you looking to minimize scarring from surgery? Biocorneum is the only FDA approved scar cream. It contains crosslinking silicone plus SPF30 sunscreen. The product can help minimize the appearance of new scars (recommended treatment is 60 days) and old scars (recommended treatment is 90 days). Once applied it creates an invisible shield to protect and help heal the area.

This product helps reduce redness and discoloration and softens scars. It can be used on injuries, burns, surgical sites hpertrophic and keloid scars. It helps make the skin feel and look better – an important part of the healing process.

I recently had to undergo Mohs surgery for a bcc (basil cell carcinoma) on my nose. I am super careful with my skin but had a few bad sunburns as a kid. The surgery was not fun as you can imagine but after I had to get a small skin graft. You can bet I wanted the graft to blend in with my skin as much as possible. So I did a lot of research and found many physicians recommended one scar cream above all others Biocorneum. I bought Biocorneum and I am thrilled with the results. I am six weeks out from the surgery and my graft looks better every day! At this point it is only slightly raised, the Biocorneum and light massage has helped it go down alot!

How to Use Biocorneum

Biocorneum is an easy to use scar treatment. Unlike silicone sheets which can fall off and are awkward to use on visible places, Biocorneum is discreet and simple. Just a small amount will cover a large area. I use a teeny tiny dab on my nose graft. It goes on smoothly and dries quickly. You can’t tell it is on. And then I can apply makeup over it as desired. The product contains sunscreen so you are fully protected. Apply once in the morning and once at night for 24 hour coverage.

Where to Buy Biocorneum

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What do many young looking celebrities have in common? Many of them use an at home secret called NuFace .

Having beautiful skin can be a frustrating challenge. With signs of aging, your cheeks, chin, and eyes can sag. This is because the collagen in your face loosens, and is not as tight as when you were younger.

Improving skin’s elasticity and gaining collagen in the face will tighten these sagging areas, and give you new youth in your appearance. The NuFace Microcurrent Systemis an incredible way to literally change your face in 5 minutes or less each day.

The NuFace is the first and only of its kind on the marketplace approved for at home use by the FDA. This product uses microcurrent technology to improve your skin’s collagen, giving you the youthful glow you desire. It removes, or lessens the appearance, of fine lines and wrinkles, and also tightens jowls, cheek areas, and lifts eyebrows.

NuFace Microcurrent Toner for Lifting and Toning the Face

This innovative technology was discovered by working with Bell’s Palsy patients to help them rehabiliate facial muscles. The NuFace Microcurrent product has so many other benefits as well, including reducing or removing cellulite, reducing puffiness, skin exfoliation, evening out skin tone, and rehydrating your skin. It can even help people that have had microcurrent, surgical face surgery, and botox, to improve their skin and facial appearance, amplifying results and healing your skin 5 times faster than the normal heal time. “Pre and post-operative usage of microcurrent can relieve potential pain or numbness and eliminate the possibility of side effects, risks, swelling, scarring and bruising associated with plastic surgery and more invasive treatments.” (

Many celebrities, including the stunning Jennifer Lopez, are even rumored to use NuFace to help them look their best, whether it be shooting a movie, starring in a music video, on the red carpet, or shopping around town. It is simple to use the product and can take a minimum of just 5 minutes. First, cleanse your face. Then, apply the dermal gel that comes with your kit to the area you want to treat. Following this, glide the Nuface device over the area. This will lift and contour this area over time, and will give you an instant visible lift. Remove the gel, spray Conductivity Mist, and apply moisturizer.

However, as with any product, a handful of people have not sees results, and are frustrated that they spent time and money on the product. Fortunately, most of the reviews are astonishing. “I received similar professional treatments at a spa at four times the price of this product. I saw Nuface at Amazon, read the reviews, and decided to give it a try. Not only am I maintaining the results I received from the professional treaments; I’m seeing improvements daily.” Another reviewer mentions, “I’ve been using it for almost three weeks and my face is firmer, and my pores are MUCH smaller. I have really sensitive skin – everything makes me break out. My skin actually seems clearer since using this.” The Nuface product is definitely an incredible one that can truly help you to give yourself a “new” face.

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PMD Personal Microderm

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Do you have:
• Acne scars?
• Aging skin?
• Sun spots?
• Uneven tone and texture?

Then PMD Personal Microderm may be the answer.

PMD is a hand held device that buffs and removes the uppermost layers of the skin, revealing the younger skin below using microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a technique that has been developed to remove skin blemishes such as aging skin, wrinkles and acne scars. No longer do you need to go to a clinic and undergo expensive microdermabrasion treatments. With PMD Personal Microdermabrasion, you can achieve results in the comfort of your own home.

PMD Personal Microdermabrasion uses microscopic crystals of aluminum oxide to painlessly sand away the top layer of your skin, smoothing it and leaving it feeling fresh. These crystals are completely harmless; they have not been found to be a skin irritant or carcinogenic. A vacuum is used to remove the dead skin cells and has a side benefit of stimulating your skin’s collagen production, which increases how quickly your skin repairs itself. By sanding away the upper layer of dead skin, serums and lotions become more efficient in assisting with cell renewal and promoting healing.

Personal Microderm

Treatments are simple with the device PMD Personal Microderm. After ensuring your skin is clean and completely dry, you press the spinning disk with the microscopic crystals of aluminum oxide against your skin. With the device flush with your skin, dead skin cells are vacuumed up into a filter. Once contact with your skin is made, you will slowly move the device around your entire face. This helps avoid variances in your skin tones, which could occur if you were to only use the device on your problem areas.

Following the microdermabrasion treatment, your skin may be pink and will be more sun sensitive. It is highly recommended that you use sun block before venturing out into the sun.

Due to variances in skin types, PMD Personal Microderm has three grits of disks to choose from. Blue is for a more delicate skin type, green is a little more forceful for dealing with trouble spots and more normal skin, and red (a separate purchase) is the roughest, tackling tough skin and persistent trouble spots.

It is important that you start out with the gentle disks to see how your skin responds. Also, be sure to follow the directions. This is a powerful treatment and if you are to aggressive you could wind up with inflamed skin and even scabs. So be sure to use it carefully.

Your skin will feels softer and smoother after one treatment and will improve with additional sessions. Sessions should be spaced out according the directions and your skin type. You should see major results after five to six microdermabrasion sessions. So invest in yourself with PMD Personal Microdermabrasion and start experiencing remarkable differences in your skin today.

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The latest in scientific advances for skin tightening is the Pelleve radio frequency device. This is an in office procedure that uses radio waves to tighten and tone the skin.

This non-intrusive treatment tightens facial wrinkles diminishing their appearance and smoothing the dermis. Radio frequency energy stimulates the production of collagen in the inner layers of skin without damaging the dermis, so there is no downtime.

The Pelleve non-surgical, wrinkle-reducing technique is painless; in fact, some people describe it as similar to a warm massage. No anesthetic is needed. Patients may experience some mild swelling, pinkness or redness that lasts from several hours to a day; however, very little discomfort is reported.

Pelleve is used to treat mild to moderate facial wrinkles that are caused by aging. FDA approval was granted in 2009 for use on the face for the following:
• Crow’s feet
• Neck wrinkles
• Under eye wrinkles
• Wrinkles

It is also used off label for the hands, neck and chest.

While there isn’t a specific age range for this procedure, the Pelleve works ideally on middle-aged women and men with drooping skin, fine lines or wrinkles. It is best for individuals who have fair to light-colored skin.

Though often referred to as the Pelleve laser. The Peleve is not a laser but is a radio frequency device that harnesses the power of radio waves. This radio frequency device is used on the face and neck to deliver heat to the deep layers of the skin. The heat stimulates contractions in the deep tissues to smooth out wrinkles producing not only smoother, tighter skin, but also the production of new collagen; this newly produced collagen results in firmer skin.

The procedure is FDA approved and a safe, non-invasive process which gives you these immediate results:

• Smoother skin
• Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
• Sagging skin tightened
• Quick and painless treatment
• Youthful appearance

Though 2-3 treatments are recommended with maintenance touch ups, the areas worked on will look better after just one treatment of the Pelleve.

There are also several advantages:

• Lasts minimum of six months
• Wrinkles reduced by 25 to 50 percent
• No anesthesia
• Can return home or to work right away
• Removes years of sun and environmental damage
• Accessible to small areas around eyes and nose
• Skin improves over weeks and months

Likely candidates for this technique are middle-aged men and women in need of skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Additionally, people who are not ready for a facelift or those who have previously had a facelift but are not ready for another one may consider a Pelieve Laser.

What else should someone know about this non-surgical procedure?

• Treatments are performed 4-6 weeks apart;
• Usually 2-3 treatments are given;
• About 4-8 weeks are needed to see results;
• Maintenance means having a treatment every one to two years to prevent aging;
• It takes about 6 months to see full results.
• Fees vary and are centered on factors such as environmental factors; age and severity of area to be treated; hereditary; smoker or drinker; patient’s age; exposure to sun, chemicals and environment.

If you are in the market for a safe and effective wrinkle reduction procedure that is quick and painless, consider this new technique. Pelleve Laser may be just what the doctor ordered to combat aging. Contact your dermatologist or plastic surgeon for more information.

L’Oreal Youth Code

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L’oreal Youth Code offers the latest in skin innovation at an affordable price.

This amazing formula, resulting from ten years of scientific research, works to restore your skin from the effects of aging with gene boosting technology.

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Kit (Day Lotion, Day/Night Cream, Eye Cream)

How does it work? The L’oreal Youth Code formula acts on the gene that reconditions it from environmental elements. This miraculous technology, called GenActiv Technology TM, enables the skin to renew itself as it did when you were younger. The result is more radiant-looking skin.

Considered by many to be the “star” of the product line, L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Serum Intense Daily Treatment, is a specially formulated skin care treatment that delivers ten times more concentration of the gene boosting, anti-aging formula.

This liquid, oil-free product aids in the repair of aged or damaged skin, working fast to repair skin due to its intensity. It supplements the other Youth Code products and should be used in both the daytime and evening. Just a few drops goes a long way to revitalize the skin.

The Serum works exceptionally well when combined with other products in the Youth Code line.
L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Eye Cream Daily Treatment, 0.5 Ounce

If you are plagued by dark circles, puffiness or fine lines under your eyes, choose L’oreal Youth Code eye cream. Used as a daily eye treatment, this specially formulated cream works to enhance the delicate skin beneath the eyes thus enabling it to rejuvenate so that it looks smooth and refreshed. The eye cream is packaged in a distinctive applicator with a metal tip that revives the puffy darkened areas and transforms them into fresher, natural looking skin.

Are you looking for a lotion that will help tired, stressed or aged skin? TheL’Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Day Lotion, SPF 30 provides both sun protection and gene boosting technology. This smooth lotion will make your skin look younger and feel softer diminishing the signs of wrinkles. Women who have used Day Lotion SPF 30 report that their skin feels baby soft and moisturized. They look and feel glamorous in a remarkably short period of time and are protected from the sun and elements with the SPF 30 ingredients.

You may also like the L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Day/Night Cream. Like the other products, this cream is designed to reduce the signs of aging. It enhances the regenerative powers of the skin to recover youth. The night cream is richer and very soothing.

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Day/Night Cream, 1.6-Fluid Ounce

To further advance the results of your skincare regimen, add Youth Code Serum Intense, a specially formulated innovation that delivers ten times more concentration of the gene boosting anti-age formula. This liquid, oil-free product aids in the repair of aged or damaged skin, works faster due to its intensity and supplements the other Youth Code products.

L’Oreal Paris offers these magnificent youth regenerating skincare products to slow down or repair the impact of aging. After the age of twenty, skin begins to slow down. Aging occurs due to two factors: (1) exposure to sun and (2) breakdown of elastin and collagen; these ingredients of connective tissue help to shape skin so that it returns to its initial position.

This anti-aging regimen to improving skin quality results in the following advantages:

• Improved texture and tone
• Reduced wrinkles
• Ensured healthier looking skin
• Transformed silky, smooth skin
• Improved capability of skin to recover
• Decreased puffiness and darkness under eyes
• Slowed signs of aging
• Decreased signs of fatigue and stress
• Enriched lightweight, oil-free ingredients
• Boosted natural restorative powers of skin
• Delivered younger-looking results in as little as one week

The product line promises great results. After 1 week signs of stress and fatigue are visibly diminished, and skin looks rested. After 1 month: lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

The line is very affordable and contains many of the same ingredients as the higher priced sister to L’Oreal, Lancome. In addition L’Oreal makes a generous sample size L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Kit (Day Lotion, Day/Night Cream, Eye Cream) so you can try most of the products out before buying the full size. Great for travel also.

The L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Skincare line can give you more beautiful skin for a tiny price!

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PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser

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The PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser is an at home laser that can revitalize and renew your eye area, giving you a softer, younger look. It has been clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging around the eye area and is FDA approved. It makes laser wrinkle removal affordable and convenient.

The PaloVia Laser was devloped by Palomar Medical Technologies and underwent rigorous testing to ensure it was safe for home use. The design has a number of safety features, which were developed by Dr. David Sinley, an authority on laser safety.

Palovia Skin Renewing Laser

The PaloVia works by emitting short pulses of laser light to the skin. This wounds the skin, underneath the surface and stimulates collagen. The collagen stimulation results in smoother, younger looking skin.

The handheld device is also very easy to use. Clean and dry the area around your eyes. Smooth on the special PaloVia Laser pre-treament gel. Place the PaloVia Skin Renewing Laserwindow on the wrinkle to be treated. Adjust the handpiece on the laser, so the blue light becomes illuminated. Next, press and release the button. When the clicking stops and the light turns off the application is completed. Repeat the procedure on each eye area up to eight times.

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After use. clean off the treatment window and return it to the storage case. After using the PaloVia, you can use your regular cosmetics.

The sensation resembles that of being snapped by a rubber band – annoying but not painful. Smart sensors in the PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser sense contact with the skin. It automatically shuts off if it is not in full contact with the skin. Another safety measure is the PaloVia will only allow 25 passes every 8 hours so you cannot over use it.

The PaloVia Laser is FDA approved for the eye area only, as that is the area the studies were done on.

For best results, the laser should be used on a daily basis for the first month. Then several times a week for maintenance. Considering each session only takes about 3 minutes, you are looking at a total time investment the first month of around 60 minutes. Not bad when you consider that clinical studies show that 92% of participants had wrinkle reduction after just one month. Not just mild reduction. Many experienced dramatic results. Within 12 weeks, 84% of participants agreed that the PaloVia Laser many lines were not just reduced but eliminated! Participant satisfaction was very high.

The The PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser is not inexpensive at around $499, but what price beautiful skin? If you were to go to a laser skin specialist, you would be paying several hundred dollars per session with numerous sessions needed. So when you view it in terms of what it can do for your skin, the price is very reasonable.

As with any type of laser skin treatments, you need to use caution going out in the sun. Your skin will be more sensitive so a good sunscreen like La Roche Posay is essential.

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Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

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Want to look younger and healthier? Then you will want to consider the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device .

As we get older our teeth start to yellow and lose their sheen. Whiter teeth look brighter, friendlier, more youthful and give the appearance of energy. And it is so easy and affordable to get rid of dingy, yellow teeth with a tooth whitening system.

There are many on the market – our favorite is the Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device from Glo Science. It is gentle on sensitive teeth, easy to use and gives sparkling, white results.

The GLO Brilliant teeth whitening system gives you professional teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home. This innovative system uses heat and directed light to speed up the process of teeth whitening. The process is safe and designed to be gentle on gums and sensitive teeth.

The kit includes ten G-vials, and each vial is good for four applications, which is nearly three weeks worth of treatments. The Glo Brilliant teeth whitening system is an affordable take-home alternative to expensive and time consuming dentist office visits.

GLO GLO Brilliant(TM) Personal Teeth Whitening Device GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

The hydrogen-peroxide based formula is crafted to grip to teeth during the whitening process. Combined with patented optics technology, it delivers results that would normally take much longer to achieve with other products. The Glo Brilliant teeth whitening system was invented by the acclaimed Dr. Jonathan Levine. His practice takes six months to get into, and he has been featured on the Dr. Oz show among others.

The GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device comes on a lanyard that you hang around your neck. Simply apply a quarter of the G-Vial to your teeth, insert the mouthpiece, click the button on the controller and sit back. The mouthpiece will glow blue and warm up slowly for the next eight minutes.

As it warms up you will feel the mouthpiece conforming to the shape of your mouth, giving you a custom delivery of the product. After eight minutes the Glo Brilliant mouthpiece turns off automatically. Remove it from your mouth, rinse it off and spit out any saliva that may have accumulated. That’s it! Glo Science recommends that you initially use the system twice a day for the first four to five days.

In just a short time dull tarnished teeth will look younger again. This will give your entire face a beautiful lift and younger look.

The majority Glo Brilliant reviews are positive. The most common complaint was that the product took a few days to work. As with all things, a little patience can a go a long way. The Glo Brilliant system is designed to work gently but dramatically. Over aggression can create tooth sensitivity problems. By using the system over the course of a couple days, you are very likely to enjoy young looking whiter teeth without any teeth issues.

The kit comes with ten G-Vials, the control unit, the mouthpiece, a charging station, a USB power plug, a lip care product and a travel case. Additional vials cost $45 plus shipping.

This is a simple way to give your face a lift and look younger, fast and affordably.

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Feather Lift

The feather lift face lift option is a cosmetic surgery variety that is available for individuals who would like to change or improve upon their facial features. Feather lifts are surgical procedures with limited amounts of invasion that does not carry the same drawbacks as traditional face lifts.

Instead of the issues commonly experienced with face lifts, the feather lift leaves the patient with minimal levels of discomfort, no visible scarring, there’s no need to be put under general anesthesia, and the downtime as well as recovery time is quick.

The best candidates for feather lifts include individuals who are experiencing sagging skin on their face and neck as a result of cruel genetics or unkind aging. Others who would like some of their features enhanced to improve their looks are also good candidates for a feather lift. This procedure is also beneficial for those who need to have sun damaged skin repaired in order to look their best.

Those who are looking into a feather lift should consult with their cosmetic surgeon and other doctors to make sure that the procedure will give you the results you desire. This surgical procedure doesn’t fix every problem and isn’t right for everyone.

You should consult your surgeon before deciding on any cosmetic or surgical procedure to make sure your health won’t be at risk and tha procedure is right for you.

It’s also important to be well informed about the before, during and after of a feather lift so you don’t have any false expectations of the results. Patients looking at a feather lift procedure should be in a quality state of physical and mental health before undergoing such a procedure. Their surgeon should also be aware of their medical history, medications and other information in order to avoid complications from the procedure.

The actual procedure for a feather lift is usually done as an out-patient process. The patient is put under local anesthesia, as well as sedation if the patient would benefit from it. The secret to the feather lift’s success is the insertion of monofilament threads called Aptos threads. These threads are placed under the skin of the face with a needle and together they form a support structure to improve facial features and lift skin where it needs to be lifted.

Because of the minimal incisions caused by the needle which inserts the threads, there is no scarring after the procedure has been completed in the majority of cases. This makes the feather lift perfect for lifting the skin around the eyebrows, jaw line, cheeks or neck as they are sensitive areas that would be forever marred by surgery scars.

After the roughly thirty minute long procedure, patients will need to rest and avoid activities that may be strenuous in order to give the body time to heal properly. Patients will also be given specific post-surgery care instructions in order to achieve the best results, but the recovery time is relatively short.

The cost of a feather lift varies depending on several deciding factors. The average cost is between one and three thousand dollars per procedure because it is a cosmetic surgery and therefore not covered by most medical insurance companies. If you need more information about getting a feather lift, you should consult with your doctor and/or cosmetic surgeon.

Endoscopic Face Lift

With changes and nutrition and exercise, people are often feeling younger than their age. Due to environmental causes and how the body changes over time, they often don’t look as young as they feel. Plastic surgery, and the face lift, has been a popular to combat this, but the procedures can be costly, and often require a long healing time, which makes them prohibitive for many people. The endoscopic face lift is now a viable alternative, which is cheaper and requires less healing time than a traditional face lift.

The endoscopic face lift utilizes new, medical technology, which has allowed it to be a much cheaper and less invasive procedure. The surgeon makes tiny incisions on the face, and inserts a miniscule camera and surgical instruments, and the entire procedure is done on the “micro” level. The endoscopic face lift is much less invasive a procedure, and often gives better results than a traditional face lift.

Endoscopic face lifts leave almost no scarring. The incision points are tiny, and all the surgery is done internally, through the use of the micro camera and surgical equipment. Like a traditional face lift, the endoscopic face lift can tighten muscles, tighten skin and reshape saggy cheeks and eyes, all with a minimal amount of trauma. As the incisions are tiny, and the work is done entirely internally, the overall healing time, of the endoscopic face lift, is far less than that of traditional plastic surgery, and patients can return to a normal lifestyle much more quickly, often within a week.

One key to endoscopic face lifts is the cost, which is often much less than a traditional face lift. As the surgery is much less invasive, it doesn’t require general anesthesia, and the procedure can be done in the doctor’s office rather than a hospital. This eliminates the costs of an anesthetist and hospital say, which tend to make traditional plastic surgery very expensive. Endoscopic face lifts are an inexpensive alternative to traditional plastic surgery.

Perhaps the most important factor in any plastic surgery is the results, and endoscopic face lifts deliver. First of all, they don’t leave any tell-tale scarring from large incisions, which often require their own plastic surgery to cover up. The initial bruising and swelling, from endoscopic face lifts, is also less, and won’t alert your friends and family to the fact that you have had work done. Endoscopic face lifts can be used for many of the same reasons as traditional face lifts, from eye lifts to cheek reshaping, with just as positive results.

Any endoscopic face lift should be done by a board certified surgeon who specializes in this procedure. It is important to consult with a certified specialist to discuss the feasibility of your unique needs.

Endoscopic face lifts are a new development in plastic surgery. They utilize cutting edge technologies, and are often less expensive and less invasive than plastic surgery. There is less scarring and healing time, and the procedure can be done for virtually any type of face lift. Endoscopic face lifts work, and are allowing more and more people to look the age that they feel.

Face Lift Cost

Interested in a face lift and wondering what the face lift cost will be?

The cost of a face lift depends on what you want and where you get it. Several factors determine face lift cost, including how invasive the procedure is, where you live, and who performs the surgery. Here’s a look at how much you might pay and why.

The average face lift cost ranges from $6,000 to $15,000 up front, though surgeries on the high end of that range might include a brow lift, chin surgery or similar add-ons. This includes the anesthesia and the facility fee, and the largest chunk goes to the surgeon.

More intricate procedures can drive up face lift costs. Those include deep plane face lifts, which are more invasive than, say, a short scar face lift.

Hidden fees could tack on extra costs that wouldn’t be included in your initial estimate, so keep that in mind when you’re tallying your total expenditure. Extras might include pre-surgery blood tests or X-rays, a physical exam, painkillers, bandages, follow-ups with your surgeon, and, if anything goes wrong, revision procedures.

Sometimes some of these expenses, such as bandages or blood work, are included in the estimate, but it’s important to note what is and is not included before taking the plunge. You don’t want to be faced with bills you weren’t expecting after the work has already been done.

Other factors that can increase the face lift cost include where you live. If you’re in New York City or L.A., chances are good that you’ll pay more than if you live in a small town in Iowa. Face lifts in urban areas are more in demand, and surgeons have more overhead, so that means more money coming out of your pocket.

Your surgeon’s qualifications can affect your total face lift cost, with more experienced surgeons charging higher fees. Keep in mind, though, that those higher fees might be worth the added experience. A botched face lift will only cost you more in the long run.

One often overlooked cost associated with getting a face lift is a potential loss in wages. Patients need at least two weeks to recover from surgery, and possibly up to three or four weeks depending on the type of work he or she is returning to.

In order to reduce recovery time, a lot of patients have several procedures done at the same time, which also helps them save money on anesthesia, facility fees, pain meds and surgeon fees. This could include any facial work or procedures on any part of the body, such as liposuction or a tummy tuck.

The best way to get the closest estimate for your face lift procedure is to visit at least one surgeon and get a consultation. Often consultations are free. Because so many factors affect face lift costs, an office visit is going to give you the best idea of how much you’ll have to pay – and you’ll also find out from a professional which procedure or procedures will help you get the look you want.

You will more than likely be responsible for the entire facelift cost on your own, as cosmetic procedures are rarely covered by insurance. But if it’s something you really want, keep in mind that many surgeons are willing to set up payment plans to make your face lift cost more manageable.

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