Feather Lift

The feather lift face lift option is a cosmetic surgery variety that is available for individuals who would like to change or improve upon their facial features. Feather lifts are surgical procedures with limited amounts of invasion that does not carry the same drawbacks as traditional face lifts.

Instead of the issues commonly experienced with face lifts, the feather lift leaves the patient with minimal levels of discomfort, no visible scarring, there’s no need to be put under general anesthesia, and the downtime as well as recovery time is quick. The best candidates for feather lifts include individuals who are experiencing sagging skin on their face and neck as a result of cruel genetics or unkind aging. Others who would like some of their features enhanced to improve their looks are also good candidates for a feather lift. This procedure is also beneficial for those who need to have sun damaged skin repaired in order to look their best. Those who are looking into a feather lift should consult with their cosmetic surgeon and other doctors to make sure that the procedure will give you the results you desire. This surgical procedure doesn’t fix every problem and isn’t right for everyone. You should consult your surgeon before deciding on any cosmetic or surgical procedure to make sure your health won’t be at risk and tha procedure is right for you. It’s also important to be well informed about the before, during and after of a feather lift so you don’t have any false expectations of the results. Patients looking at a feather lift procedure should be in a quality state of physical and mental health before undergoing such a procedure. Their surgeon should also be aware of their medical history, medications and other information in order to avoid complications from the procedure. The actual procedure for a feather lift is usually done as an out-patient process. The patient is put under local anesthesia, as well as sedation if the patient would benefit from it. The secret to the feather lift’s success is the insertion of monofilament threads called Aptos threads. These threads are placed under the skin of the face with a needle and together they form a support structure to improve facial features and lift skin where it needs to be lifted. Because of the minimal incisions caused by the needle which inserts the threads, there is no scarring after the procedure has been completed in the majority of cases. This makes the feather lift perfect for lifting the skin around the eyebrows, jaw line, cheeks or neck as they are sensitive areas that would be forever marred by surgery scars. After the roughly thirty minute long procedure, patients will need to rest and avoid activities that may be strenuous in order to give the body time to heal properly. Patients will also be given specific post-surgery care instructions in order to achieve the best results, but the recovery time is relatively short. The cost of a feather lift varies depending on several deciding factors. The average cost is between one and three thousand dollars per procedure because it is a cosmetic surgery and therefore not covered by most medical insurance companies. If you need more information about getting a feather lift, you should consult with your doctor and/or cosmetic surgeon.