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Frownies are pieces of paper that adhere to your skin and work to “train” the wrinkles to relax. They have been around for over one hundred years and have a number of devoted fans. The key to success with Frownies is to use them consistently and to expect subtle results.


At under $16.00 for a box of 144 forehead and eye Frownies, this is very affordable. If you don’t mind going to bed with sheets of paper on your face, these are an inexpensive way to retrain the skin.

The history of Frownies is very interesting. Margaret Kroesen, mother of concert pianist Alice Kroesen invented them in 1889, to help her daughter maintain her beauty and stage presence. Over the years the product has been used by many celebrities including members of the famous Kennedy clan. The formula has never been changed since it was created. Frownies come packaged for different areas of the face. There are undereye frownies for sags and bags, forehead and eye frownies for the forehead and between the eyes, corner of the mouth frownies etc. The product consists of unbleached kraft paper with vegetable gum adhesive. You simply wet the gum on the back of the paper and apply it to the section of your face you want to "retrain". They hold the muscle in place, so the muscle learns how to stay in that position and thus the skin is smoothed. It is recommend that you use Frownies every night for the first thirty days and then several times a week after that. If you opt not to wear them at night try to wear them at least three to four hours for the first thirty days. It will take several weeks to see results. And you must consistently use them several times a week to keep the results. Customer reviews who used the product consistently tend to give Frownies very positive reviews. Click Here for Frownies