Skin supplements can go a long way to giving the skin a radiant glow. They work along with your diet and your topical anti wrinkle creams to help the skin look it’s very best. Using the right antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other supplements can give you younger looking skin.

Vitamin A:
One of the most commonly used skin supplements, both internally and externally. This vitamin is used to fight wrinkles and is thought to promote skin elasticity and texture. Vitamin A also promotes collagen production, further strengthening the skin and allowing it to heal and rejuvenate.

Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant that captures and neutralizes harmful free radicals within the body. This skin supplement protects all of the body’s tissues and organs – not just the skin, but taking vitamins A and E together can boost the effectiveness of both, so the combination not only contributes to healthy skin, but overall health as well. Vitamin C: An incredible and commonly used antioxidant that (like vitamin E) fights free radicals, but boosts healing and promotes collagen production too. It’s so broad reaching that getting more vitamin C is a good idea no matter what your condition, but if you are hoping for dry, damages, or inflamed skin to heal quickly, C can help a lot. Coenzyme Q10: Excellent to elasticity and boost collagen production which helps the skin become firmer yet keeps it soft. Estrogen: This one’s important, so pay attention – estrogen as a treatment for skin issues isn’t for everyone, but can be extremely powerful for post-menopausal women. Menopause often sets into action a chain of physiological events that result in dry, brittle skin prone to rapid wrinkling. Estrogen as a hormone replacement solution combats and even prevents this process. Estrogen is the only one of the skin supplements on this list that requires a prescription for use. DMAE: Short for Dimethylaminoethenal, DMAE is an antioxidant and central nervous system stimulant that is naturally produced in the brain. There is a lot of evidence that antioxidants have a cumulative effect within the body, so adding some DMAE to a regime that includes other antioxidants is prudent for maximum effect. Alpha-lipoic Acid: Yet another antioxidant that has a recycling effect on vitamins C and E within the body, boosting the overall effectiveness of every dose of these skin supplements you take. Like many actual medications, skin supplements can have a loading period as the levels of each supplement in the body slowly increases to reach a therapeutic level. Some advocate taking a page from modern medicine and taking a higher, “loading dose,” when starting skin supplements. This can work well, but also puts undue strain on the body. The best approach is to simply take a standard dose and allow your body to reach equilibrium over time. Remember that your body is holistic system, and supporting one part of the system can have a very positive effect on other parts. If you face truly difficult skin conditions, skin supplements will help, but taking skin supplements while improving other areas of your health, through diet and exercise or quitting smoking, for example, will have a greater effect than either step taken alone. Dr. Perricone makes a very high quality line of supplements including Skin and Total Body packets. You can learn more here; Dr. Perricone Skin and Total Body.

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