Stem Cell Face Lift

Stem cells are big business in medical technology, and cosmetic procedures are no exception to the rule – there is a lot of interest in the development and application of the stem cell face lift. Setting aside all of the controversy with regards to attaining stem cells, they’re biologically amazing. Stem cells occur naturally within the body, and have the unique ability to transform themselves into nearly any other type of tissue cell.

The medical applications are broad and are now being applied to giving a more youthful skin. The stem cell face lift is performed by extracting adult stem cells from the patient – usually from the abdomen – using a needle, and reintroducing these cells to the face the same way. The idea here is that these stem cells will immediately begin to transform the skin and tissue of the face by becoming new, youthful skin and tissue cells, revitalizing the face with new tissue in a manner that has been medically impossible to achieve until now. The procedure is performed under local anasthesia.

So who are the ideal candidates for the stem cell face lift? Although it may sound complex, the stem cell face lift is a pretty non-invasive procedure, much gentler on the system than a surgical face lift, and can be completed on an outpatient basis in a matter of an hour or two. In the short term, the fatty tissues accompanying the stem cells during the procedure will fill in and smooth out wrinkles and skin imperfections from underneath. Over time, as the stem cells are activated, they will become a permanent part of the facial tissue, and will render the results relatively permanent, requiring many fewer return visits and touch-ups than other injectable face lift solutions. Be prepared to spend more than you will on collagen or botox treatments, but also to achieve longer-lasting results using only your own tissue – not foreign materials or chemical substances. The stem cell face lift is still a relatively new procedure, so if you embrace new technologies and it sounds like it’s something you’d like to try, you may need to hunt around a bit to find a clinic or practice performing them. Be prepared to travel a bit for this outpatient procedure, that can be performed only by a licensed practitioner. Preliminary results are promising, and many patients who have undergone the procedure are very happy with the results. A stem cell face lift is not as time-tested and popular as some of the other noninvasive options out there, but that’s because it is so new. Stem cells are phenomenally flexible tissue cells, and their ability to revitalize and even replace dead and dying tissue has led to a complete revolution in medicine. This exciting flexibility can be applied cosmetically today, without any of the downsides associated with stem cell use in other fields. The cells are yours, and can begin immediately to rebuild your skin and facial structure. You will be one of the first to undergo this new and exciting procedure, so you will want to discuss it with a qualified physician and see if it is the right procedure for you.