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Click Here for the Derma Wand Kit

The Dermawand is a hand held tool that helps rejuvenate the skin at a fraction of the cost of salon visits. If you are interested in a device that can give you outstanding results at home, this is for you.

The product can produce amazing results with consistent use. It takes just a few minutes a day and is simple to use. Here are some of the benefits from using Dermawand;

Saggy skin is lifted, toned and tightened

Puffy, baggy eyes appear smoother

Skin becomes smoother and more refined with pores shrinking in size and texture becoming more even

Feathery lip lines are decreased

Smile creases are minimized

Eyebrows are lifted

Crows feet are diminished

Beauty products such as creams and lotions are absorbed easier

Makeup goes on smoother

Circulation is stimulated giving a healthier glow and much more…

Like a microcurrent face lift, the Dermawand works by stimulating the skin using microcurrent technology. It sends out gentle pulses to the dermis at a rate of close to 170,000 cycles every second. This massages the skin, increasing circulation. In addition, the tool gives off oxygen that purifies as it works.

In the past microcurrent technology was only available at skin specialists. The at home use of this technology is a break through in skin care. Not only does it allow you the ease of deciding when to use it, it saves you hundreds of dollars over salon treatments. The Dermawand is very affordable. The price of one Dermawand kit is generally less than it would cost to go to a salon for a single microcurrent treatment.

Reviews on this product are excellent;

Users love the Dermawand saying things like:

People are shocked by my age and think I look much younger. It does what it says!

Another said,

This is a terrific product that makes my skin feel and look so much younger. I am thrilled.

Dermawand will help lift sagging skin but not as much as a surgical face lift will. However, if used on a consistent basis users have reported tighter, firmer, smoother skin and a younger look without the risk and downtime of plastic surgery at a tiny fraction of the price. The non invasive tool is save for all skin types.

The Dermawand kit comes with everything you need for a more youthful look; the Dermawand tool, DVD instructional video, carry bag and facial treatment.

Click Here for the Derma Wand Kit

Microcurrent Face Lift

Aging is a natural process and occurrence, but modern technology and cosmetics have made anti-aging options limitless and even non surgical. Upon the many out there today is the microcurrent face lift. This is a non invasive procedure that can give beautiful results at a physician’s office or salon and now there are now devices you can use to give yourself a microcurrent face lift at home.

How It Works

The facial microcurrent treatment uses gentle electric stimulation to the surface of the skin with fine dual prongs being applied to various regions of the face to create results equivalent to those of a surgical face lift. The process takes little time each session it is performed and is painless, though you may experience a tingling sensation. Some people have even found the procedure relaxing.

Possible Results

Once the process of microcurrent facials has begun these are the types of results you can expect to see;
Rejuvenated skin
Brighter complexion
Improved and even skin tone and texture
Increased elasticity, collagen production and blood circulation
Increased lymphatic drainage, resulting in reduced eye bags and eye –as well as facial- puffiness
The gradual fading away of age spots and scars

The microcurrrent face lift procedure does not simply make the outward appearance of the skin look healthy and attractive; it works on the muscle tissues beneath the skin as well, creating the above mentioned highly desirable results.

Common complications With its “no pain during process” anesthetic free procedure, no undesirable side effects and the amazing results it provides, the microcurrent non surgical face lift option has no complications. It does however promote healthy responses from the skin once performed, helping it to both repair and produce skin cells on its own.

Microcurrent Face Lift Cost

By now you’re undoubtedly wondering about microcurrent face lift cost. The majority of people who choose the microcurrent face lift require about 10 sessions to reap the procedure’s full beauty benefits, although you will see some noticeable results after the first session. However, your muscle tone and skin tissue will determine how many sessions you need. Once you’ve had your first session, you’ll need to have follow-up treatments about every 4-6 weeks.

While you may see great results after just one appointment, your skin won’t remain as radiant without the necessary follow-ups. With around 10 sessions at about $100 each, the cost of microcurrent face lift is around $1000 total. It may sound pricey, but it’s a small amount in comparison to surgical face lifts and the results are lasting. Still a bit out of your budget? Look for small microcurrent machines you can use at home!

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