Anti Wrinkle Pillow

Does an anti wrinkle pillow help prevent wrinkles? When you think about it, a lot of our time is spent sleeping. And as restful as this may be it is not fun waking up in the morning to bed face – those wrinkles that are formed from squashing your face in the pillow as you rest. It is unfortunate but true that when we are young the skin bounces back quickly, so the wrinkles from bed face disappear. But over time those wrinkles do become ingrained and many of the wrinkles caused from sleeping become permanent.

Fortunately, there are ways to help prevent this and diminish wrinkles that you currently have. The first step is to use a quality face lift cream at night. Also be sure to use a humidifier when the air is dry to plump up the skin. The Air O Swiss is a good one and the simple Crane models are also effective. Your sleeping position has a major impact on the amount of sleep wrinkles you get. Stomach sleepers tend to develop furrows in the brow area. Side sleepers tend to get cheek wrinkles. The best position to minimize wrinkles is back sleeping. If you are not a back sleeper, you may want to try and retrain yourself. But that can be difficult to do so you should consider an anti wrinkle pillow and anti wrinkle pillow cases. An anti wrinkle pillow is a pillow that works with your face, neck and shoulders and adjusts to them so your face does not develop lines from being squashed against a pillow. Some of these pillows have a hole in the middle to position your face. This may take some adjustment. Another option is a memory foam pillow. The Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow does a great job of adjusting to your body. This anti bacterial, anti wrinkle pillow, also positions you so breathing is easier and circulation is better. So you wake up refreshed. Because your face is not crushed into a pillow you will also have a clearer, smoother complexion. At under $25 with free super saver shipping it is a small investment to pay towards more beautiful skin. anti wrinkle pillow Along with the anti wrinkle pillow, a satin or silk pillowcase can be very beneficial. When you use one of these silky pillowcases on your anti wrinkle pillow, your skin will glide against the case and prevent wrinkles. Spasilk makes a beautiful 100% silk pillowcase that works like a charm to prevent wrinkles. And it is very affordable. You can see the cases here; Spasilk 100% Silk Pillow Case. Using an anti wrinkle pillow and silk anti wrinkle pillowcase will make a beautiful difference in how you look each morning and prevent permanent wrinkles down the road. Here is to a beautiful night's rest! Click Here For The Innovations Memory Foam Anti Wrinkle Pillow.