Acupuncture Face Lift

As word spreads about the acupuncture face lift, more and more consumers have been looking for information.  Billed as a non-invasive alternative to Botox injections or plastic surgery, an acupuncture facelift offers some pretty clear benefits over these more traditional cosmetic procedures, as well as some disadvantages.

What is  an Acupuncture Face Lift?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing art whereby the body’s internal energy (qi or chi) is manipulated and freed from blockages caused by illness, disease, or stress. The tools for these manipulations are tens or even hundreds of super-fine needles narrower than a human hair.

Freeing this energy frees the body’s physical and emotional energies to heal problem spots and various conditions. During an acupuncture face lift, this process is focused specifically on the face, focusing you body’s energies on facial skin, tissues, and muscles, and bringing about healing and rejuvenation. What Makes an Acupuncture Face Lift Desirable? A Traditional face lift is an invasive surgical procedure. Skin and tissue is sometimes removed in order to “tighten up,” the face, and sometimes materials such as silicone, plastic, or saline are added to the face in order to fill in trouble spots. The result is a potentially long and painful recovery period, chance of infection, hospitalization requiring you to take time off, and some degree of pain. The results are often astonishing, but the payoff can be quite high. With an acupuncture face lift, there is very little change of infection – sterile needles are used and disposed of (or rarely re-sterilized in an autoclave) after each treatment. You can also get right up off off the acupuncture table and return to work within minutes, rather than days or weeks – there’s no recovery period. How Long Does it Take? Will I Get the Same Results as with A Traditional Facelift? No it is not as dramatic as a traditional face lift. Being a non-invasive procedure that makes use of your own natural energies to bring about results, the process can take some time. Often you’ll see some visible results after one or two acupuncture face lift treatments, but practitioners recommend a standard treatment regime of one to two treatments a week for three months or more, with monthly maintenance sessions ongoing from there. Patients often report that thinner, shallower facial wrinkles disappear completely over the course of a treatment period, and that deeper wrinkles and crow’s feet become shallower and less visible. They also report a general tightening of jowls and overhangs, and an increase in the smoothness and elasticity of the skin on the face. Is an Acupuncture Face Lift Expensive? No when compared to plastic surgery, but it’s not cheap, either. Prices range from as little as $75 per treatment as part of a package to more than $300 per treatment. It’s important to make sure that you understand the treatments you’re paying for ahead of time, as some acupuncture face lift treatments include massage or other spa treatments, increasing their stress-relieving value for you, and others are more clinical in nature. Will an Acupuncture Face Lift  Work for Me? There’s no guarantee here, but usually yes. As we’ve discussed, the visible results won’t rival those of invasive plastic surgery, but most people report a visible youthening of their features and a stronger sense of satisfaction in their appearance. Your results may vary, and will take some time – just as it took a number of years for your face to age. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide which approach – if any – is right for you