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Skin Supplements

Skin supplements can go a long way to giving the skin a radiant glow. They work along with your diet and your topical anti wrinkle creams to help the skin look it’s very best. Using the right antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other supplements can give you younger looking skin.

Vitamin A:
One of the most commonly used skin supplements, both internally and externally. This vitamin is used to fight wrinkles and is thought to promote skin elasticity and texture. Vitamin A also promotes collagen production, further strengthening the skin and allowing it to heal and rejuvenate.

Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant that captures and neutralizes harmful free radicals within the body. This skin supplement protects all of the body’s tissues and organs – not just the skin, but taking vitamins A and E together can boost the effectiveness of both, so the combination not only contributes to healthy skin, but overall health as well.

Vitamin C: An incredible and commonly used antioxidant that (like vitamin E) fights free radicals, but boosts healing and promotes collagen production too. It’s so broad reaching that getting more vitamin C is a good idea no matter what your condition, but if you are hoping for dry, damages, or inflamed skin to heal quickly, C can help a lot.

Coenzyme Q10: Excellent to elasticity and boost collagen production which helps the skin become firmer yet keeps it soft.

This one’s important, so pay attention – estrogen as a treatment for skin issues isn’t for everyone, but can be extremely powerful for post-menopausal women. Menopause often sets into action a chain of physiological events that result in dry, brittle skin prone to rapid wrinkling. Estrogen as a hormone replacement solution combats and even prevents this process. Estrogen is the only one of the skin supplements on this list that requires a prescription for use.

DMAE: Short for Dimethylaminoethenal, DMAE is an antioxidant and central nervous system stimulant that is naturally produced in the brain. There is a lot of evidence that antioxidants have a cumulative effect within the body, so adding some DMAE to a regime that includes other antioxidants is prudent for maximum effect.

Alpha-lipoic Acid: Yet another antioxidant that has a recycling effect on vitamins C and E within the body, boosting the overall effectiveness of every dose of these skin supplements you take.

Like many actual medications, skin supplements can have a loading period as the levels of each supplement in the body slowly increases to reach a therapeutic level. Some advocate taking a page from modern medicine and taking a higher, “loading dose,” when starting skin supplements. This can work well, but also puts undue strain on the body. The best approach is to simply take a standard dose and allow your body to reach equilibrium over time.

Remember that your body is holistic system, and supporting one part of the system can have a very positive effect on other parts. If you face truly difficult skin conditions, skin supplements will help, but taking skin supplements while improving other areas of your health, through diet and exercise or quitting smoking, for example, will have a greater effect than either step taken alone.

Dr. Perricone makes a very high quality line of supplements including Skin and Total Body packets. You can learn more here; Dr. Perricone Skin and Total Body.

Skin & Total Body
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Targeted nutritional supplements are an essential part of Dr. Perricone’s 3-Tier Approach for a healthy body and beautiful skin. This perfectly dosed daily program of nutrients is especially designed to help support a healthy immune system and improve cognitive skills, while enhancing the look of the skin. Skin & Total Body supplements support bone and joint function, fight free radical damage and stimulate healthy growth of hair and nails. They also help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give skin a radiant and glowing appearance. It’s the ideal cocktail of healthy skin vitamins.

Anti Aging Facial

An anti aging facial can refer to a number of different types of facials but often the term is used to describe an intense light facial that can be done in a facial center or spa and also at home, provided you have the right materials and supplies. An anti-aging facial, whether you opt to perform it yourself or allow the professionals to work their cutting-edge magic, is one of the easiest things that you can do in order to keep your skin healthy and young looking.

Skin aging cannot truly be prevented. As we grow older, our skin cells deteriorate and the rate at which cells rebuild and replace themselves slows dramatically. On top of that. Aging skin naturally thins and contains fewer, larger skin cells. As a result, older people have drier skin, more prone to wrinkling – two common visual signs of aging. Additionally, external factors such as the weather and work environment can contribute to aging skin. In cold weather, everyone’s skin gets a little drier and more susceptible when the bitter cold robs the air of all moisture.

Even if aging skin cannot be totally prevented, you can slow down the process in a number of ways – or rather, prevent the process from being accelerated by environmental factors like those listed above.
In addition you can use innovative treatments like anti aging facials to help turn back the clock.

Sun exposure damages and dries the skin, limiting its ability to heal and sometimes outright killing skin cells. A good sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher can significantly reduce the damage done to your skin by solar radiation. Diet, exercise, and certain light treatments are credited by many as having a positive impact on the signs of aging in the skin, but ultimately, reports vary. One solid way to slow and seemingly reverse the process of skin aging in the face is with an anti-aging facial using light therapy.

Light therapy was originally developed for hair removal and varicose veins (which targets people who are used to prolonged standing), but is turning out to be extremely effective when used as an anti aging facial. The light, which is an intense pulsed light (or IPL for short), penetrates beneath the skin’s surface and stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is the protein that contributes a lot of the elasticity and firmness to the skin, so the new collagen fights wrinkles on your face and will keep the skin taut and smooth. Aside from keeping away the lines collagen produced through light therapy sessions can also remove the dry skin, spots and scars caused by harsh makeup and sun exposure.

There are a lot of skin clinics and spas offering light therapy or IPL nowadays and the cost is not that expensive when you compare it to cosmetic surgery or even botox injections. Not only is plastic surgery expensive but healing time and potential side effects can impact your daily activities and overall health. When you do an anti-aging facial using light therapy, you may experience a bit of skin discoloration for about a week or less, after which your skin will naturally compensate return to normal. Not everyone has this discoloration, and those who do usually only show mild discoloration.

You can do light therapy at home, too. All you have to do is to purchase an anti aging photo rejuvenation light and use it according to the manufacturer’s guidance. There are several products available on the internet. One product that has excellent reviews is the red Baby Quasar. You can learn more about how this device works to give you a face lift in my article here; Baby Quasar Red You can read the reviews and pick one up here; Baby Quasar Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy

Instant Face Lift

Looking for an instant face lift?

Happily there are many things you can do to turn back the clock and look younger in minutes. Here are some of my top picks for an instant face lift.

1. Exfoliate Your skin. By removing dead skin cells with an exfoliant you will stimulate circulation and allow fresher younger skin to appear. A salon microdermabrasion usually runs between $100-$200 and a series of treatments are recommended.

The MicrodermMD Microdermabrasion At Home home microdermabrasion system is very affordable and will last for many years. Your skin will feel younger and fresher the very first time you use it. Click here for a special offer on MicrodermMD.

2. Use a good moisturizer. A good moisturizer will plump the skin and give a youthful glow. I use the anti wrinkle cream Lifecell, which I feel is the best face lift cream as it works instantly and over time. Click here for Lifecell. In addition to adding mosture with a cream, a humidifier in the bedroom goes a long way to plumping up the skin. I have an Air O Swiss. Click here for the best prices on a variety of humidifiers.

3. Change your lip makeup. Dark lips can be very aging. A light lip works well to minimize the appearance of feathery lines around the lips. Choose a creamy lip gloss to avoid exaggerating fine lines. Plumping up your lips can really make a difference also. For under $10 you can boost your lip appearance by up to 40% instantly with Lip Explosion. This it the top selling lip plumber at Amazon and very affordable. Click here for this great lip plumper.

4. Eyebrows and eyelashes can open the eyes. Over plucked brows are aging and unruly brows just look messy. Go to a professional salon for a good eyebrow shaping and in future you can follow the lines and pluck them at home. Use a lash boosting enhancer to grow our eyelashes. These products really work to give longer lashes. A good one to try is Rapidlash. Click here for Rapidlash.

5. Change your hair. A new cut can do wonders. Highlights around the facial area can give an instant face lift. Short and long hair can look youthful if the cut is right.

6. Whiten those teeth. Dull, dingy teeth just look bad. Nothing beats a great smile. These whitening strips are one of the hottest selling items on Amazon. And there is a reason – they work. A white smile is dazzling and youthful. Click here for the most popular whitening strips.

7. Lift those eyes! Dream Look Instant Eye Lift can instantly pull up saggy, baggy eye lids. This ia a fast way to look more youthful. Read more about Dream Look in my article here; Dream Look Instant Eye Lift. If you have problems with bags under the eyes and dark circles, there is a new product on the market that works great, read about it here; Nu Eyes Gels. If you have trouble with under eye bags and saggy lids, combine the two. They are very inexpensive, effective and work fast!

8. Consider trying the instant face lift products. Face lift tape can pull the skin up instantly. Read about it here; Face Lift Tape. Vikki Lamotta’s Face Lift In A Bottle works amazingly well. You can see before and after photos here,
Vikki Lamotta 60second Facelift in a Bottle

There are many things you can do to get the look of an instant face lift. Start trying things out now!

Want To Look 10-15 Years Younger In 60 Seconds?

TCA Peels

Click Here For At Home TCA Peels

TCA or trichloroacetic acid is an acid designed to rejuvenate the skin and give it a more youthful appearance. It helps diminish wrinkles, smooth a rough dermis, reduce acne pimples, even the pigmentaton of the skin and more. The procedure can be performed by a professional in a salon or by a physician. TCA Peels can also be purchased over the counter for at home use.

The trichloroacetic acid – TCA peel works by removing the top most layers of the skin. This can be very superficial to a deeper level depending on the concentration of TCA used and the amount of time the product is left on the skin. With TCA peels, more of the acid is not always better. To much can result in blistering and scarring.

TCA is generally brushed on the skin and left for a few minutes to fifteen minutes. It is often used in conjunction with Retin-A. Retin-A increases cell turn over time exfoliating the skin. When Retin-A is used for several weeks prior to a TCA peel, the TCA is able to penetrate the skin better.

During the procedure you may feel a tingling or warm sensation as the acid bathes the skin and removes the superficial layers. With a deep TCA peel you may feel intense burning during the procedure. In a physician’s office you will often be given pain killers and the acid will be removed with a saline solution.

After a TCA peel pain is minimal if at all. The skin will begin to flake revealing fresher, brighter skin.

This usually lasts from a few days to two weeks. Repeated TCA peels are generally recommended to achieve the best results with touch ups on an as need basis.  Wearing a sunscreen is a must as skin will be very sensitive. A good sunscreen to try La Roche-Posay Anthelios. Click here for La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreen Lotion

Professional TCA peels can run from the hundreds of dollars into the thousands. Since repeated treatments are often advised you may be able to get a package deal.

TCA is also available for at home use. It is very inexpensive but should be used with care. If you opt to use it, you should be extremely careful. This is an acid and can potentially burn your skin leaving permanent scarring. Be sure to patch test a small area of the skin, start with a very low concentration and read the manufacturer’s directions in full. Some of the solutions are to be diluted, not applied directly to the face so read the directions. Use correctly, TCA peels can give beautiful results!

Click Here For At Home TCA Peels

Anti Wrinkle Pillow

Does an anti wrinkle pillow help prevent wrinkles? When you think about it, a lot of our time is spent sleeping. And as restful as this may be it is not fun waking up in the morning to bed face – those wrinkles that are formed from squashing your face in the pillow as you rest. It is unfortunate but true that when we are young the skin bounces back quickly, so the wrinkles from bed face disappear. But over time those wrinkles do become ingrained and many of the wrinkles caused from sleeping become permanent.

Fortunately, there are ways to help prevent this and diminish wrinkles that you currently have. The first step is to use a quality face lift cream at night. Also be sure to use a humidifier when the air is dry to plump up the skin. The Air O Swiss is a good one and the simple Crane models are also effective.

Your sleeping position has a major impact on the amount of sleep wrinkles you get. Stomach sleepers tend to develop furrows in the brow area. Side sleepers tend to get cheek wrinkles. The best position to minimize wrinkles is back sleeping. If you are not a back sleeper, you may want to try and retrain yourself. But that can be difficult to do so you should consider an anti wrinkle pillow and anti wrinkle pillow cases.

An anti wrinkle pillow is a pillow that works with your face, neck and shoulders and adjusts to them so your face does not develop lines from being squashed against a pillow. Some of these pillows have a hole in the middle to position your face. This may take some adjustment. Another option is a memory foam pillow. The Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow does a great job of adjusting to your body.
This anti bacterial, anti wrinkle pillow, also positions you so breathing is easier and circulation is better. So you wake up refreshed. Because your face is not crushed into a pillow you will also have a clearer, smoother complexion. At under $25 with free super saver shipping it is a small investment to pay towards more beautiful skin.

anti wrinkle pillow

Along with the anti wrinkle pillow, a satin or silk pillowcase can be very beneficial. When you use one of these silky pillowcases on your anti wrinkle pillow, your skin will glide against the case and prevent wrinkles. Spasilk makes a beautiful 100% silk pillowcase that works like a charm to prevent wrinkles. And it is very affordable. You can see the cases here; Spasilk 100% Silk Pillow Case.

Using an anti wrinkle pillow and silk anti wrinkle pillowcase will make a beautiful difference in how you look each morning and prevent permanent wrinkles down the road. Here is to a beautiful night’s rest!

Click Here For The Innovations Memory Foam Anti Wrinkle Pillow.