With changes and nutrition and exercise, people are often feeling younger than their age. Due to environmental causes and how the body changes over time, they often don’t look as young as they feel. Plastic surgery, and the face lift, has been a popular to combat this, but the procedures can be costly, and often require a long healing time, which makes them prohibitive for many people. The endoscopic face lift is now a viable alternative, which is cheaper and requires less healing time than a traditional face lift.

The endoscopic face lift utilizes new, medical technology, which has allowed it to be a much cheaper and less invasive procedure. The surgeon makes tiny incisions on the face, and inserts a miniscule camera and surgical instruments, and the entire procedure is done on the “micro” level. The endoscopic face lift is much less invasive a procedure, and often gives better results than a traditional face lift. Endoscopic face lifts leave almost no scarring. The incision points are tiny, and all the surgery is done internally, through the use of the micro camera and surgical equipment. Like a traditional face lift, the endoscopic face lift can tighten muscles, tighten skin and reshape saggy cheeks and eyes, all with a minimal amount of trauma. As the incisions are tiny, and the work is done entirely internally, the overall healing time, of the endoscopic face lift, is far less than that of traditional plastic surgery, and patients can return to a normal lifestyle much more quickly, often within a week. One key to endoscopic face lifts is the cost, which is often much less than a traditional face lift. As the surgery is much less invasive, it doesn't require general anesthesia, and the procedure can be done in the doctor's office rather than a hospital. This eliminates the costs of an anesthetist and hospital say, which tend to make traditional plastic surgery very expensive. Endoscopic face lifts are an inexpensive alternative to traditional plastic surgery. Perhaps the most important factor in any plastic surgery is the results, and endoscopic face lifts deliver. First of all, they don't leave any tell-tale scarring from large incisions, which often require their own plastic surgery to cover up. The initial bruising and swelling, from endoscopic face lifts, is also less, and won't alert your friends and family to the fact that you have had work done. Endoscopic face lifts can be used for many of the same reasons as traditional face lifts, from eye lifts to cheek reshaping, with just as positive results. Any endoscopic face lift should be done by a board certified surgeon who specializes in this procedure. It is important to consult with a certified specialist to discuss the feasibility of your unique needs. Endoscopic face lifts are a new development in plastic surgery. They utilize cutting edge technologies, and are often less expensive and less invasive than plastic surgery. There is less scarring and healing time, and the procedure can be done for virtually any type of face lift. Endoscopic face lifts work, and are allowing more and more people to look the age that they feel.