Looking for an instant face lift?

Happily there are many things you can do to turn back the clock and look younger in minutes. Here are some of my top picks for an instant face lift.

1. Exfoliate Your skin. By removing dead skin cells with an exfoliant you will stimulate circulation and allow fresher younger skin to appear. A salon microdermabrasion usually runs between $100-$200 and a series of treatments are recommended.

The MicrodermMD Microdermabrasion At Home home microdermabrasion system is very affordable and will last for many years. Your skin will feel younger and fresher the very first time you use it. Click here for a special offer on MicrodermMD.

2. Use a good moisturizer. A good moisturizer will plump the skin and give a youthful glow. I use the anti wrinkle cream Lifecell, which I feel is the best face lift cream as it works instantly and over time. Click here for Lifecell. In addition to adding mosture with a cream, a humidifier in the bedroom goes a long way to plumping up the skin. I have an Air O Swiss. Click here for the best prices on a variety of humidifiers. 3. Change your lip makeup. Dark lips can be very aging. A light lip works well to minimize the appearance of feathery lines around the lips. Choose a creamy lip gloss to avoid exaggerating fine lines. Plumping up your lips can really make a difference also. For under $10 you can boost your lip appearance by up to 40% instantly with Lip Explosion. This it the top selling lip plumber at Amazon and very affordable. Click here for this great lip plumper. 4. Eyebrows and eyelashes can open the eyes. Over plucked brows are aging and unruly brows just look messy. Go to a professional salon for a good eyebrow shaping and in future you can follow the lines and pluck them at home. Use a lash boosting enhancer to grow our eyelashes. These products really work to give longer lashes. A good one to try is Rapidlash. Click here for Rapidlash. 5. Change your hair. A new cut can do wonders. Highlights around the facial area can give an instant face lift. Short and long hair can look youthful if the cut is right. 6. Whiten those teeth. Dull, dingy teeth just look bad. Nothing beats a great smile. These whitening strips are one of the hottest selling items on Amazon. And there is a reason - they work. A white smile is dazzling and youthful. Click here for the most popular whitening strips. 7. Lift those eyes! Dream Look Instant Eye Lift can instantly pull up saggy, baggy eye lids. This ia a fast way to look more youthful. Read more about Dream Look in my article here; Dream Look Instant Eye Lift. If you have problems with bags under the eyes and dark circles, there is a new product on the market that works great, read about it here; Nu Eyes Gels. If you have trouble with under eye bags and saggy lids, combine the two. They are very inexpensive, effective and work fast! 8. Consider trying the instant face lift products. Face lift tape can pull the skin up instantly. Read about it here; Face Lift Tape. Vikki Lamotta's Face Lift In A Bottle works amazingly well. You can see before and after photos here, Vikki Lamotta 60second Facelift in a Bottle There are many things you can do to get the look of an instant face lift. Start trying things out now! Want To Look 10-15 Years Younger In 60 Seconds?