Most face lift procedures are administered in a physician’s office, depending on the individual goals of the patient. These face lift procedures may also require injections or actual cutting and reshaping of the skin, which can be considered invasive and uncomfortable. A natural face lift is another alternative that you may consider, allowing you to naturally and safely lift the features of your face, reversing the signs of aging without injections or operations.

Face Exercises Natural face lift exercises are said to be capable of reversing the need for cosmetic surgery by helping you reduce the signs of aging and naturally lift and contour the facial features. For example, face exercises for the eyes will allow you to firm the skin around your eyes, reducing crow's feet and bags. Exercises for natural facelifts around the throat and the neck can help to reduce wrinkles in these areas, tightening up the neck, chin and throat in the process. There are specific natural face lift face exercises that you can employ for any area above the shoulders, including your lips and cheeks, forehead, around the eyes and your neck as needed. Natural Facelift Face Packs and Creams A natural face lift cream like the best face lift cream can give you beautiful, smoother skin. But if you don't want to invest the money or prefer at home methods, a face pack can also help to tone and tighten your skin using natural ingredients. A simple milk mask with cotton wool and milk can help to add youth to your skin. Another face pack recipe is to combine strawberries, grapes, apple, pear and orange juice and apply this mixture of blended fruits to the face using honey. Rinse with warm water after 30 minutes. The natural oils and acids in the skin can work wonders for the face, lifting and contouring the skin while removing the signs of aging. Another face mask for natural facelift involves separating an egg and applying the egg white to your face for approximately 15 minutes before washing using lukewarm water. Your At-Home Natural Face Lift Regimen The right natural face lift regimen may combine natural face lift creams with face packs and natural face lift exercises in order for you to best benefit from each of these processes. You will want to try different methods to see what you feel comfortable with. Developing a routine that you implement on a regular daily basis is what is going to have the best results for you at home. Be sure to be consistent. Use your face lifting cream on a daily basis and practice your exercises every day to reverse the signs of aging and naturally lift the contours of your face.