As you grow older, there’s really no question that your skin will begin to lose some of it’s firmness, and begin to sag a bit. How much of this you will experience depends on many factors, including genetics, environmental factors, and how well you’ve taken care of yourself. Although some sagging and wrinkles are normal, there are some people who experience sagging of the facial skin as early as age 30. In these cases, folks not only look older than they are, but also experience embarrassment and emotional issues due to their appearance.

Fortunately, with the advent of new technologies there are a lot of things that you can do to correct premature sagging and wrinkles. One option open to you is a non invasive face lift. Although traditional face lift surgery can give you tighter and younger looking skin, it is not cheap, carries a lot of medical risks, and will require you to take downtime to rest and heal. Unless you have the budget, the time, and the patience for an invasive face life, you might be better off considering some non-invasive face lifts procedures instead. The main benefits of the non invasive face lift is that they are cheaper. less risky and can be done on an outpatient basis. In most cases, you can walk out of the door of the spa of clinic and return to your daily routines immediately. To help you decide, here are some of the non-invasive face lifts that are available in clinics or spas: Laser skin resurfacing - laser treatment has come quite a long way ever since it’s early days. One of the best uses for laser skin treatment is for correcting flaws such as wrinkles and unwanted hairs. For a laser face lift, the laser removes the outer layers of skin with incredible precision, removing wrinkles and leaving a smooth, firm surface behind and making the face look younger. The procedure can be done in as short as five minutes depending on how extensive the issues being treated are. After the procedure the person has to avoid sunlight exposure for a few months in order to avoid skin discoloration. • Microcurrent Face Lift – this is one of the least expensive non invasive face lift procedures out there. Also known as Bio-ultimate face lift, the microcurrent face lift procedure is done by running gentle electric currents through the skin so that the cells will be stimulated to regenerate. The result is a natural tightening of the skin as well as a healthier appearance as collagens are produced. • Thermacool Face Lift - another way of getting a face lift without going under the knife is through a Thermacool procedure. Thermacool uses radio waves which are run through the skin in order to promote collagen regeneration and lift sagging skin and wrinkles. The results can be quite impressive, As a result you will have a firmer skin. This is one of the procedures that has the shortest downtime of non-invasive face lifts, as there are no chemicals injected and only uses topical anesthesia. • Face Lift Creams - One of the simplest methods is to use a face lift cream. With the latest in science, a quality cream can help turn back the clock. Creams are also ideal for those who have sensitive skin and cannot undergo laser and other professional procedures. A good quality face lift cream contains certain amino acids that can help in tightening the skin and reduce wrinkles and sagging. One quality cream is Dermagist. This product contains micro crystals to give the look of younger looking skin in seconds. It also gives up to a 68% reduction in wrinkles. Click Here to See Before and Afters with Dermagist With so much innovation in skin care, and so many non invasive face lift options, you can turn back the clock and enjoy younger looking skin!