Non Surgical Face Lift

With the natural process of aging come some less than desirable changes in the skin. Modern day solutions are plentiful but the non surgical face lift has proven to be a popular way to go. Why? Well for one thing, the cost is a great deal cheaper than traditional face lifts (so we’ll leave those to the celebrities). Non surgical face lifts also have a shorter recovery time after procedures are performed and less risk of complications during and after the procedures. There are many different forms of non surgical facelifts and we’ll discuss a handful of options to consider here.

Liquid Face Lift Fillers are a fast, safe and effective way to fill out a face that’s thinning out due to the aging process. Fillers are injected into the face. Unlike traditional face lifts, this non surgical facelift technique replaces the skin’s hyaluronic acid stocks (which control the changes in our skin such as wrinkles and lines), whereas the average facelift simply pulls at the facial muscles to lift them up along with the facial fat and skin that covers them. An added bonus of facial fillers is that they are completely reversible should you find the results unsatisfactory. Click here to read more about this Liquid Face Lift Microcurrent Face Lifts The microcurrent face lift – which is also referred to as the Bio-Ultimate face lift - is aesthetically effective and affordable. During this non surgical facelift procedure, your skin is gently stimulated through the use of electric currents which bring about a natural cellular reaction. Through this process the skin is exfoliated and rejuvenated. The results are tighter skin and facial muscles, a reduction in damage due to sun exposure and a more even skin tone. Click here to read more about the Microcurrent Face Lift. Laser Face Lifts Maybe you fear needles or you’re not too fond of the idea of incisions being made on your face. If either is the case, then the laser face lift is the non surgical facelift option for you. With this procedure, laser technology is used to tighten the outer layers of your skin and leave you with less fine lines and wrinkle. You may experience a tingling sensation during a laser facelift, but no pain; and while minor discoloration of the skin is common, there’s no scarring and your skin should return to its normal hue within a couple weeks. Click here to read more about the Laser Face Lift. Costs for each procedure will vary depending on your region and other factors. Always do your research before having any non surgical face lift option performed.